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PRODUCTS ( Pumps - Accessories )
SKIMZ Ceramic bushing-ES2800/ES5000    $10.80
SKIMZ Ceramic gum holder-CBH-ES2800/ES5000    $1.00
SKIMZ CS-ES2000 Ceramic shalf for ES2000/E2000    $12.00
SKIMZ CS-QE0.6-P Ceramic Shaft for QE0.6    $2.00
SKIMZ CS-QE0.8-P Ceramic Shaft for QE0.8    $4.00
SKIMZ CS-QE1.2-P Ceramic Shaft for QE1.2    $5.00
SKIMZ CS-QE2.0-P Ceramic Shaft for QE2.0    $6.00
SKIMZ CS-QE3.0-P Ceramic Shaft for QE3.0    $8.00
SKIMZ CS-QE4.0-P Ceramic Shaft for QE4.0    $9.00
SKIMZ CSB-ES2000 Orange Bushing for ES2000 impeller    $1.20
SKIMZ EUPC-VSC-P Power Cable with EU Plug    $5.00
SKIMZ Front Cover for ES2000 (FC-ES2000)    $15.00
SKIMZ Front Cover for ES2800 (FC-ES2800/ES5000)    $15.00
SKIMZ PWI- LS6000s-Pin Wheel Impeller for LS6000s    $119.00
SKIMZ PWI-LS 6000-Pin Wheel Impeller for LS6000    $129.00
SKIMZ QPC 35-P Controller for QP1.2/2.0/QPS1.2/2.0    $32.00
SKIMZ QPC 55-P Controller for QP4.0/6.0/QPS4.0/6.0    $38.00
SKIMZ QPC110-P Controller for QP9.0/12.0/QPS9.0/12.0    $40.00
SKIMZ Skimz QPS skimmer pump impeller PWI-QPS1.2    $22.00
SKIMZ Skimz QPS skimmer pump impeller PWI-QPS2.0    $27.00
SKIMZ Skimz QPS skimmer pump impeller PWI-QPS4.0    $40.00
SKIMZ Skimz QPS skimmer pump impeller PWI-QPS6.0    $45.00
SKIMZ Skimz QPS skimmer pump impeller PWI-QPS9.0    $54.00
SKIMZ SKIMZ Skimmer Pump impeller ES2000    $29.00
SKIMZ SKIMZ Skimmer Pump impeller ES2800    $89.00
SKIMZ SKIMZ Skimmer Pump impeller ES5000    $99.00
SKIMZ TFM-24V/ 1A -Transformer with power plug attached    $22.00
SKIMZ TFM-24V/1.5A -Transformer with power plug attached    $27.00
SKIMZ TFM-24V/2.75A-Transformer    $45.00
SKIMZ TFM-24V/4A-Transformer    $63.00
SKIMZ TFM-24V/6A-Transformer    $85.00
SKIMZ UKPC-VSC-P Power cable with UK plug    $8.00
SKIMZ WMC- SS6.0 -Wavemaker controller SS6.0    $38.00
SKIMZ WMC- SS9.0 -Wavemaker controller SS9.0    $46.00
SKIMZ WMC-SS18 .0 Wavemaker controller SS18    $55.00
SKIMZ WPI E2000 -water pump impeller    $39.00
SKIMZ WPI E2800 Water pump impeller    $48.00
SKIMZ WPI E4200 Water pump impeller    $109.00
SKIMZ WPI E5000 Water pump impeller    $119.00
SKIMZ WPI QE0.6-P Water pump impeller for QE0.6    $6.00
SKIMZ WPI QE0.8-P Water pump impeller for QE0.8    $6.50
SKIMZ WPI QE1.2-P Water pump impeller for QE1.2    $9.50
SKIMZ WPI QE2.0-P Water pump impeller for QE2.0    $12.00
SKIMZ WPI QE3.0-P Water pump impeller for QE3.0    $22.00
SKIMZ WPI QE4.0-P Water pump impeller for QE4.0    $25.00
SKIMZ WPI- L60 -Impeller- Skimz Leopard waterpump L60    $82.00
SKIMZ WPI- L75/90-impeller for Leopard pump L75/L90    $108.00
SKIMZ WPI-L110 Impeller for Skimz Leopard waterpump    $129.00
SKIMZ WPI-L160 Impeller for Skimz Leopard waterpump L160    $145.00
SKIMZ WPI-QP 1.2-P impeller for QP1.2/QP1.2-BR    $17.00
SKIMZ WPI-QP 2.0-P water pump impeller for QP2.0    $22.00
SKIMZ WPI-QP 4.0-P impeller for QP4.0/QP4.0-BR    $27.00
SKIMZ WPI-QP 6.0-P water pump impeller for QP6.0    $33.00
SKIMZ WPI-QP 9.0-P water pump impeller for QP9.0    $42.00
SKIMZ WPI-QP12.0-P water pump impeller for QP12.0    $45.00
SKIMZ ZC-ZAR127 controller of ZAR127    $46.00
SKIMZ ZC-ZAR157 controller of ZAR157    $55.00
SKIMZ zz I-SAP200-P (discontinued)    $6.00
SKIMZ zz SKIMZ PWI-VSC6.0(discontinued)    $70.00
SKIMZ zz SKIMZ PWI-VSC1.2(discontinued)    $30.00
SKIMZ zz SKIMZ PWI-VSC2.1(discontinued)    $38.00
SKIMZ zz SKIMZ PWI-VSC4.0(discontinued)    $58.00
SKIMZ zz SKIMZ PWI-VSC9.0(discontinued)    $78.00

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